The story so far

It was 1968 in a small shed in Corunna Bay at the foot of Napier Hill, a young Gary Kelly armed with a Mall Stick, sign brushes & his trusted steed the little Morris Minor van, set out about Napier to offer signs of quality for his clients.

According to Gary, it was a time when sign writers were treated like kings, nothing happened without them.  No job was ever too big or too small.  Through the early decades of the hand written signs, Napier Signs built a reputation for signs of quality and workmanship that could be trusted to stand the test of time.   

In 2016, the little shed is not so little and the sign brush, while still used, has been superseded by the latest digital and wide format technology.  This enables us to offer our clients a diverse range of products from digital prints to labels, building signage to vehicle and fleet graphics and so, so much more. 

The company is fast approaching 50 years of sign making and is now under the leadership of Gary’s youngest son Andre.  Gary is a little greyer but still involved, heading up the old weapons department.  With his impressive 55 years of experience to call on, he is a powerful encyclopaedia on signage solutions when the need arises.

While the technology and times have changed, our core values have not.  We pride ourselves on offering quality affordable signage solutions with an honest and friendly upfront rapport with our clients.